Exponential Growth: How the Iconic CEO Builds a Legendary Company!

The GOLDZONE CEO Experience:

3-Days of Super-Networking, Real-time Application, Tools, and Exercises to Accelerate Your Leadership and Company, plus a 90-Day Implementation Plan with a Like-minded Community.


CEO Confidant

Andrew John Harrison

Legendary CEO

(mystery guest)

Business Savant

(mystery guest)

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October 8 to 10, 2024
9 am to 7 pm

LIVE in-person at the Capella Resort - Singapore


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Yes! Please register me in the GOLDZONE CEO Experience. I am ready to become an Extraordinary CEO and build a Legendary Company. I understand this is for motivated, action-oriented CEOs, leaders, and change agents to make history, change peoples' lives, and deliver extraordinary growth. I understand this program may differ from any other seminar or conference I have attended.


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An Epic 90-Day Encounter for CEOs.

Some of the questions we ask CEOs at the start are: What is the scale of your ambitions? What is the scale of the legendary company you want to build? What market scale do you want to reach, and what impact do you want to have?

Once we know the scale of your ambitions, we can help you to build a blueprint to reach your goals, whether it is to create the next Unicorn, make a hair-raising pivot for a 100-year-old family business, or turn a business that is a story of dogged persistence into an unexpected success.

You will work with Andrew John Harrison and two mystery CEO Guests at round tables, using the power of Group Genius to create a Legendary Company and Hyper-Growth Gazelle using the Ten Essentials of Exponential Returns.

If you think exponential growth is out of reach, THINK AGAIN.


Become an Iconic CEO

Become the Professional CEO & Organizing Genius your organization needs to reach the next level.


Create a Growth Blueprint

Elevate the scale of your ambitions and create a blueprint to reach them based on the Ten Essentials of Building a Legendary Company.


Plan, Create, & Execute with Confidence

Create a Legendary Company with exponential growth and profit explosions – while minimizing your risk, time, and effort.


Create New Sources of Revenue and Windfall Profits

Apply no-nonsense, pragmatic strategies and rapid-result tactics to produce a stream of New Revenue and Windfall Profits.


Tap the Power of Group Genius

You will discover that breakthroughs happen much faster when you leverage the collective brain power of the group through orthogonal thinking than when you are working alone or with people on your team you may not be able to fully “open up” with.

Achieve Greatness: Unlock Your Business's Potential!

Meet Harrison

Andrew John Harrison

Harrison is a Co-Founder of Goldzone Group and the Goldzone Leadership Center.

Known as a Polymath, Harrison is an Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, Leadership Advocate, Patron of the Arts, and Educator.

After visiting more than 500 cities in 54 countries, Harrison organized this program to give success-minded, action-oriented CEOs new tools, strategies, and know-how to thrive in today's disruptive economy.

During a career that spans nearly 40 years, Harrison's work has impacted millions of people around the world.

Harrison has met and hired many well-known leaders and developed a corporate client list that reads like a “Who is Who” of business, including many of the world’s top companies.

Client companies include; 3M, Adidas, American Express, AT&T, AXA, BP, Cargill, Carrefour, Changi Airport, Chevron, Citigroup, Coldwell Banker, DBS Bank, Denso, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Manpower, DHL, Energizer, Esplanade Theaters on the Bay, Exxon Mobile, AIA, Great Eastern, HP, HSBC, IBM, Intercontinental, John Hancock, Koncranes, Kyocera, M1, Marks & Spencer, Matsushita, Maybank, McConnel Dowell, Merrill Lynch, NEC, OCBC, Ogilvy, Omron, Pan Pacific, Panasonic, Pillips, Pontiac Land, Reuters, Shell, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Police Force, Standard Chartered, Societe Generale, Starhub, UBS, Volvo, and YHI.

With an extraordinary reputation for dramatically transforming the overall results of leaders, high net-worth individuals, and corporations, Harrison has personally advised CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors on a wide range of strategic business dynamics, including; vision, core values, ethics, board leadership, corporate compliance, personal and market leadership, personal paradigms, information technology, capital structure, raising capital, finance & accounting, expansion, systems, sales, marketing, and human resources.

Besides founding over twenty companies, Harrison is best known for his ability to diagnose issues, identify root causes, and explain concepts in a way anyone can understand and implement.

When Harrison speaks, people listen. A riveting, memorable public speaker and master communicator, Harrison has designed, produced, and presented over 700 seminars, talks, and engagements with live audiences of up to 5,000.

What Others Say

The GOLDZONE Experience was truly an amazing experience. I didn't think that I would feel so safe and be able to open up to other people. I learned heaps about myself, which was very beneficial. I would highly recommend this experience to others and would find it a little difficult to put the experience into words other than ‘You really won't be disappointed.’ Anjou and Harrison are truly remarkable people, and your life will not be the same after having met them, I know that mine isn't, and that is something to celebrate.
Lesly Lightfoot, Australia

“Harrison facilitated the experience in true style with discussions ranging from wealth, career, leadership, health, and relationships. He is one hell of a speaker, facilitator, teacher, and, most importantly, a person who gives unconditionally. Never fails to add value and make a difference to all the participants.”

Dr Sankeerth Reddy, Singapore

“I would say that the GOLDZONE Experience is designed to help people live life on a much deeper level and will help you to find fulfillment, joy, purpose, and energy in all areas of life. It’s profound, warm & fuzzy, energizing, and just fantastic! It was a privilege to be there with such a wonderful group of people on a similar journey. It was enlightening – I learned a lot about myself and how I relate to others.”

Leonie Davis, Australia

“I would absolutely recommend the GOLDZONE Experience. It's a must for anyone committed to changing their results in any area of life!”
Maria Webb, Australia

“The GOLDZONE Experience had a deep impact on me and had my full attention throughout all three days with fantastic presenters, high levels of energy, and great visual/audio support. I could listen to them all day and night! It is a necessary program for anyone who would like to reach their full potential in life, relationships, and the business. The technology is fantastic for assisting you to learn faster and more effectively. You will never be the same person after the Experience, and you will be able to observe the changes in yourself and others in a very positive way. Things will start unfolding for you when you apply and understand the strategies you have been taught.”
Bozena Slominski, Australia

Join Us and Become an Extraordinary CEO!


Program Venue

Ultra-Luxury, Bespoke, the


A World-Class Experience Awaits!

After an extensive search for the ideal environment for breakthrough experiences, collaboration, and super-networking, we are excited to select Capella Singapore. Set in a lush tropical landscape on a knoll with sweeping ocean views and magnificent beach frontage, the Capella was created as a respite, an island getaway on Sentosa island, connected to Singapore via a causeway.

Just 25 minutes from Changi, Singapore Airport, Capella is within easy reach.

We highly recommend that you stay in-house at the Capella for a minimum of three nights.

With uncompromising service, the Capella is an ideal venue to transform yourself into an Iconic CEO and build a Legendary company!

Join Us and Become an Extraordinary CEO!

What We Can Do for You

Accelerating your leadership is our specialty.

With over a million books published yearly, we are drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

We have spent 34 years traveling to more than 500 cities in 54 countries to research the strategies and winning formulas of the world's most extraordinary leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and fastest-growing companies. We have identified why some people are more successful financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically than others.

We deliver this knowledge to you as a system, promising lasting, life-long change to fast-track your results.

We help you to succeed faster and go beyond success to fulfillment, passion, and the ultimate dream paradigm.

You Are in Good Company

Join the Revolution!

Over the years, we have engaged more than 57 different experts and specialists to collaborate with and present educational programs, including; championship athletes, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, doctors, CPAs, lawyers, PhDs, counselors, therapists, physiologists, psychologists, bankers, CEOs, investors, brokers, investment bankers, marketing geniuses, billionaire philanthropists, franchising specialists, physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, nutritionists, etc.

Goldzone Programs will change your life. Not through watching and listening—but through actually experiencing and applying what you learn—right there and then as you participate.

Get Started Now, Your Journey Begins the Moment You Register

Program Sponsor

This seminar is proudly sponsored by Goldzone Center (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. We are passionate about your success.  

Your greatest luxury is time. We offer unsurpassed personal services that allow you to focus on what is important to you: imagining your ideal life, visualizing innovative products, services, and business models, aligning your teams, and infusing passion into your organization.

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  • Seminar Venue: in-person at the Capella Hotel, Singapore
  • Office Address: Goldzone Leadership Center | Level 17, Frasers Tower, 182 Cecil Street, Singapore 069547
  • Phone: +65-6956-9222